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"Old friends will accept your being crazy!!!!!!"



Note from Rita:

I have set the dates for our 2017 Class of 64 get-togethers, and I hope everyone will make plans to attend all of them.  The dates are: Feb. 24, May 19, Aug. 18, and Nov. 17.  All these will probably be held at 11:30 A.M. at the Aegean on Baker Boulevard, and will be Dutch treat.  Everyone is welcome to come.  We had a great turnout at our last get-together in Nov., 2016, and everyone had a wonderful time - like we always do!  If you know you are coming by Feb. 22, please let me know.  If you don't know until the last minute, come on anyway!  The Aegean always works with us, and will add as many seats as we need. My contact information is: Phone Nos. (864)489-9472 or (864)838-1151. Email:
I hope to see everyone at all our get-togethers!

Rita Clary Harmon


Prayer List 3-13-17

Friday Pictures 10-13-14

Saturday "Mug Shots"  10-17-14

Saturday Evening Roaming Shots 10-17-14


Pictures from The 45th 1-27-09

    In memoriam 1-19-17

Let Me Show You My GRANDKIDS!   6-22-08

  60th Birthday party

40 Year Reunion                 Pictures of the 35 year Reunion! 

 Classmates Then         Look at us Now 11-07-04 

Memory Lane 11-20-04     Ten-or-twenty? 9-14-04 

It happened at the Worlds Fair! 12-03-04


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